<VV> carb question solved

judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Tue Feb 26 23:17:48 EST 2013

I would like to say a hearty "thank you" to all who took the time and trouble to e-mail me carb help for my quandry.  I took everyones' advice and backtracked to the beginning.  Since I was installing '65 carbs on a '60, a lot of stuff had to be switched and changed.  So I double checked everything and started with the carb that wasn't "choking" anything.  Sure enough, it was the culprit.   A leaky gasket under the venturi cluster was the culprit.  My bad.  I then went through the synchronizing instructions and after a LITTLE tinkering and adjusting, we have a super smooth idle.  I surprised myself at how little effort was required to get things correct, but i'm not complaining.  Again, thanks a million to all who helped. 

Randy (Cap'n) Hook 

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