<VV> diff snout replacement

djtcz at comcast.net djtcz at comcast.net
Mon Jul 1 13:48:31 EDT 2013


The right and left side differential adjusting "nuts" vary the backlash, and the carrier bearing preload. 
Those 2 are only 1/2 of the adjustment when "setting up" a ring and pinion gear. 

The thickness of the shoulder on the snout, along with the Timken bearing effective height, sets the pinion fore and aft location relative to the non adjustable (in that direction) ring gear centerline. Changing the snout and/or bearing may require changing the shim thickness to achieve the correct tooth contact pattern. 

Examples of "Bad" pattern requiring moving the pinion fore/aft with shims are Example D and E in Fig 24 here - 

the shim is item 36 here - 


The pinion bearing preload may also be effected when replacing the snout or bearing. 

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