<VV> 65 or 66 RB engine

hallgrenn at aol.com hallgrenn at aol.com
Mon Jul 1 13:59:07 EDT 2013

I wanted to check to see if an RB engine T1217RB is a '65 or '66.  It was sold to me years ago by one of our respected Corvair experts as a '66, but it had the early 140 heads (small diameter top cover bolts mixed with the big ones).  I don't believe there is any way to tell if it is a '65 model of '66 model RB, but I thought I'd throw it out for discussion.  I have no problems with my purchase as I believed it was a '65 when I bought it even though it was represented as a '66 (maybe the heads were swapped), but I've always wondered if there was any difference that would tell one year from the other besides the top cover to head bolts.

Bob Hall
Group Corvair

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