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Didn't Sonoco have one of the first of these, where you could blend 2 grades 
to get 6 or 8 distinct price points? 

Charles Fregeau 


Yeah, 8 grades, two above "premium" including the fabled 260. 

My mom's '67 110 needed 260 to ward off massive part throttle detonation/pinging (not "predetonation"). 

My Turbo Corsa with 140 heads got 260 also, which led me to meeting the fetching young lady pump attendant at the Sunoco store, which shortly thereafter inevitably led to life events painfully reminiscent of the "kali ma" scene. 
If R Nader had known about Sunoco Nancy's wake of destruction perhaps he would have found an expert witness to tag GM for causing that tragedy too. 

Dan T 

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