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 Valve recession is a non issue for Corvairs, or most aluminum head engines, as they have hardened seats. Also, valve recession even in iron head engines seems to be a bit overblown. 


John Roberts


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That was back in the days of tetraethyllead, long gone, thankfully! 

The problem with using a TEL concentrate is a little does a lot for octane, but 
a lot more doesn't get you much further up the octane curve. 

But hey, at least there's the lead fouling! 

John Roberts 

My badly tuned (by me) turbo started to misfire after relatively few miles on 
Sunoco 260 back then. 
New plugs would fix it, but not as well as a the Delta Mark 10 CDI. 

Amoco sold lead free (super) premium practically from the beginning. 

At the time there were some rumors that it caused valve burning. 
With the known possibility of valve recession in old engines these days it seems 
like there might have been some truth to it. 

Dan T 
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