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Thu Jul 11 15:42:47 EDT 2013

I run the Clark's  adapta bolt with oil gauge (center feed gauge ,  offset 
feeds wont clear alt pulley) on the motor for the first hour or so  of 
running on the table. I run the oil pump , watching the gauge as I turn the  
motor over at least one turn with a wrench on the damper bolt.
I like to watch it as the motor warms up the first time , and make sure the 
 pressure holds good , no "jumpy" etc. My latest upgrade to the shaft tool 
was to  braze a 9/16 nut to the top. This lets me run it with my drill with 
a socket ,  or impact driver. This eliminates any chuck slippage under load 
of @40#  pressure.
I remove the gauge when I put the motor in the car.
I just did another motor last week that way. 65 140 hp replacement. 
Regards, Tim Colson

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