<VV> Bad paint product warning

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Glad I asked.  I learned something.  Thanks for the answer.

Later, JR

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I've cleaned a lot of carbs - top and bottom (inside and out).  I don't recall ever seeing a factory carb with a gold top and I never understood why yours are painted that way.  What am I missing? 
>You are missing the great experience of having ever seen a new or NOS carb, or cleaned some that were protected with enough grime :-). All the tops came with a sodium dichromate plating. albeit often weak, or mottled. I find dozens each year that still have the factory coating, but most have had it washed away like the ones you have seen by over or improper cleaning. The bowls were also coated, but the aluminum is not affected color-wise like the zinc is in the tops which are more reactive. Our carbs got the same dip as the M and Q-Jets of the era. Even the Carter YH carbs for Spyders and Corsas got the same coating before they were powdercoated in black. The reason for the bowl plating was simply protection. I have found thousands of carbs that were "over cleaned" and have to be taken out of the system because the insides are too far gone from corrosion (that could have been prevented if folks had followed the directions on their carb cleaner, or
 tried to use it to clean oil and grease. Hope this explains trying to recover a stock appearance.  

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