<VV> 2013 Convention

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Sun Jul 21 14:14:31 EDT 2013

Janet and I arrived back home about noon today. Left Kazoo a little after
3AM after a one good night's sleep (we hit the sack at 7 PM) in the
Fairfield, close to the Four Points host hotel which had no power..I was not
impressed with the Four Points emergency plan or lack thereof.

All in all the convention was great. Kinda like the Corvair Olympics spread
out over a week.

I got to tread some old ground as I worked at Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in
Kazoo back in 1992. It's changed a little since then!

I'll report more later..I hear a nap calling my name.


Rick Norris

1st CORSA President, 1971

www.corvairalley.com <http://www.corvairalley.com/> 

Hurricane WV


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