<VV> Convention Hotel-power outage

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Funny you should add that. While I was at the Autocross - all day Friday -  
my wife had dutifully closed up our small vendor area - including her 
Jewelry  display, and moved it up to our 4th floor room. The hardest time I had 
on Sat AM  was hauling all of our stuff down 4 floors to pack the truck and 
race car,  so we could leave. Dark halls and dark stairwells! I did use my 
iPhone light to  find the room numbers during the night escapades. I have 
nothing but praise for  the hotel staff on duty during and following the outage. 
Hotel Management? The  jury is still out on that.
Maybe it is My wife and my fault. At the Lexington Convention we sat  in 
our hotel room and watched a great Lightning and Thunder show over the city.  
In advance of the Grand Rapids convention, we sat with our kids in a Chicago 
 Hotel room, watch a fantastic lightning show. My daughters, being 
California Bay  Area natives, had virtually never seen lightning.  Maybe it is 
following us  around, albeit, very slowly . . . .  -Seth Emerson
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We were  very fortunate it didn't happen a day sooner when vendors needed 
to take their  stuff out of the hotel.  Ken

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