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When Janet and I arrived back at the Four Points on Saturday after the car
display at the fabulous Gilmore the staff had a mixed stack of hurriedly
procured flash lights to hand out. They also offered to help us move our
things. I think they did the best they could with obviously NO previous plan
or traing by the management. I give the staff an A+ and management a D-.
They got us a room at the nearby Fairfield for Saturday evening.

Rick Norris
1st CORSA President, 1971
Hurricane WV


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There were emergency lights however they are not made to last for as long as
the power was out for. The hotel should have a generator but that is not a
required item to meet building code. The storm was powerful and from what I
heard it took out a lot of things in the Portage area. I DO think the hotel
should have had a better contingency plan than little flashlights at the end
of the hallways.

Jason Cesana
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