<VV> Why no history presentation at the convention?

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Tue Jul 23 09:36:44 EDT 2013

One of my favorite events at conventions past has been the history presentations.  The following come to mind:  David E. Davis, Jr. at the Lexington convention (besides being an interesting figure in the world of automobile enthusiast press, he worked for Campbell-Ewald, Chevy's long time ad agency with much responsibility and input for Corvair print ads); the guy who went on the Daring the Darien drive to Panama who spoke at the Daytona convention AND that convention also included Smokey Yunick, who, besides his general experience with racing had involvement with Chevy and was groomed by Chevy to be an expert witness in some of the Corvair product liability lawsuits; the showing at the Iowa convention of several Corvair TV ads never again seen since broadcast; former assembly line workers from the Tonawanda engine plant at the Buffalo convention; the retired engineer who was a protege of Frank Winchell and spoke at the Detroit area convention (Sterling Heights?) a few years back, etc.  In the case of the Iowa convention, I believe the history presentation was put together at the last minute.  I recall not having planned on attending that convention but when I learned, a few days in advance, of the inclusion of the history presentation I booked a flight and went out for a couple of days just to see those old Corvair TV commercials.  It was worth it to me.  Look back at the above list and consider how many of those men have since died.  Thanks to the efforts of convention planners who included them in the program we now have their recollections recorded for posterity.

So, my question, since it appeared that there was no history presentation at this convention, why not?  The convention took place in the home state of the U.S. auto industry.  Surely there was someone not too far from the convention site who had something to do with engineering, building or marketing the Corvair who would have been glad to reminisce with us.  I would encourage those planning future conventions to make an effort to include a worthwhile history presentation.

Bill Stanley  [who would gladly leave his home in]
Harpers Ferry, WV [whether driving his]
1963 Corvair Monza coupe [,]
1963 Corvair Monza convertible [or via an airline ticket in order to attend a convention that features a good history presentation]

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