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On 7/23/2013 4:19 PM, ricebugg at comcast.net wrote:
> But the convention speeker we do not have a text of and really should have was Frank Winchell's speech at the Detroit Convention in 1979.   It was very enlightening.  I was sitting at the table with CORSA first Exec-Sec Hal Marcus and first paid editor Al Alderman (sp?).  According to Hal, the GM PR department wrote him a speech.  Which he trashed canned, and spoke from his heart.  The PR folks didn't have a clue what he was going to say, and were scared to death.   I was told at the time someone named Dave from the Pacific NW recorded it, but SFAIK, it has never been transcribed.  That is one speech somebody ought to fight tooth and nail to get a transcription of.\
I remember it well.  Winchell began with the prepared speech, but 
realized quickly that he was in front of a very receptive audience. 
Memorably, he said. "You people are all right!" and went off script.  Of 
Ralph Nader and other critics, he said, "What gave them the idea that it 
might be in our best interests to kill our customers?"

Your "someone named Dave from the Pacific NW" was Dave Kent.  I too 
recall that he recorded it, and I have an even less clear recollection 
that his recording was transcribed, perhaps by Mike McGowan.  This was 
quite some time before Mike became Communique editor, and of course my 
memory of these details could be wrong.

--Bob in NJ (<== there ya go, Clark)

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