<VV> Fuel Prices Per Octane-------Now Fuel Pumps

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sat Jul 27 00:30:18 EDT 2013

Smitty Says;  This like certain other subjects has a tendency to feed the
never ending conflict about Mechanical VS Electric fuel pumps.  Everyone is
welcome to their own opinion about which is superior.  That's not what I am
writing about.  Nor am I denying the thousands of poorly manufactured pumps
made of inferior materials.  I admit leaks are bad.  They smell bad , they
are a hazard, but they are wet and easy to recognize.  So we won't talk
about superiority and we won't deny that some mechanical pumps had a

What I would like to do is remove a long term burr from under my saddle and
say, alcohol content in gasoline has not been proven to be the cause of
vapor lock symptoms in Corvairs.  There will be plenty of people jump up
here and say they have experienced it, and to them I say prove it.  Before I
will lower myself to argue the point with anybody I want to know what tests
you performed?  What was the fuel pressure.  How many strokes did the pump
take to bring the pressure up to maximum?  How long would the pump hold
pressure once it was loaded?  Are you aware that a leaking valve in a pump
can exhibit classic vapor lock symptoms?  Same for stopped up fuel filters,
either in-line or in the carbs.
Before you bad mouth the poor old picked on Mechanical pump and re-fire the
electric pump wars, I suggest you look around a the couple hundred other
Corvairs around you that are burning the same fuel you are and ask the
owners how they avoid vapor lock.   

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