<VV> Fuel Pumps and Engine Bay Sealing

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Sat Jul 27 13:58:38 EDT 2013

Just another note, check the two hoses in the feed system, one from the  
tank exit to the fuel line and the other connector hose over the left rear  
wheel. Since, with a mechanical pump, these are on the vacuum side, they can 
be  prone to leaking a bit of air in. New hose materials are much less prone 
to  failure with ethanol fuels, and, if the hoses are older, you might think 
about  replacing them, ethanol or not, and maybe changing to screw clamps. 
- Seth  Emerson
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So check  your engine bays, look at the seals and sheet metal, patch any 
holes and keep  your engines running as cool as they should and you may find 
yourself on the  mechanical pump side of the argument.

Bob  Hall

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