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Allen:  I'll sent you (and only you) US$0.25 to add value to my opinion(s) expressed here if you desire. 

You esteem for the attendance records of previous BoD members is misplaced.  The person I replaced in 1999 on the BoD only made 1 of 3 conventions/BoD meetings.  Also, a frightening number of BoD members do not complete a 3 year term.  Maybe their expression of your "either/or" statement.  There was one BoD member, elected in 2001, (back in the DoDo hitting the fanfan days)  who attended his first BoD meeting, found it a unpleasant experience, when home and resigned.  A very high number of BoD members only serve one term.  Myself included.  To many nights tossing & turning thinking about CORSA/CPF dodo and mentality writing a response to whatever the current dodo was, to be key stroked after work the next day.  My wife often asked me "You are doing this to yourself because...?"  Gave it my best effort, and walked... no, ran away.  

Then there are those who have served for multiple terms and kept their sanity and good humor and graciouness.  Better people than I.  

The "be there to represent your division" is misplaced rhetoric in my opinion.   It's been awhile...said that before recently...but I do not remember when a BoD discussion was Division specific, other than location decision(s) for the Convention.  All the discussions were bigger than that, or petty beyond comprehension (Did I actually say that?!) often dealing with misunderstood personalities, unstated and/or un-realized expectations and/or unexplained agendas, which were in conflict with other unexplained agendas.    

Being on the BoD cost money.  Several grand over the course of 3 years.  If candidates for the BoD do not realize this, their financial well being takes a big hit.  Or they don't attend the convention.  Over the years, not every BoD member who attended the meeting before the Convention stayed for the entire convention.  Not every BoD member has your assets and/or is self-employed as you are.  When employer says "not that week...or else", they have little choice.  

It is not a easy being on the BoD.  You and I both know that.  The first problem is you place yourself in a team environment without knowing the skills and foybles (?sp) and agendas of fellow team members.  And there is no training for team work.  Just about every team I was on at Caterpillar had a day or so of team training.  After about 10 years of doing this, training became unnecessary. We all got the idea.   

One of the things I so admired about Jamie Reinhart was the fact he said "we have got to do CORSA differently or..." as has be recently said here on VV.  But Jamie wrote out and made available to all a plan.  When he became CORSA President, he and Jason and others BoD members began trying to implement their vison.  They made a difference...and got burnt out and/or beat up in the process.  We owe them.  They gave their best.  

So please lighten up.  Being picky-picky is undignified of you.  You are better than that.  In your case, run for the BoD again.  The person who drove Jamie, Jason, you and others crazy with unreasonableness is not a CORSA member anymore.  

Historically Yours

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How could they elect a new pres if not enough board members even showed up for quorum.  Why run for the board if you cannot show up to a convention for the meeting.  It was not like that when I was on the board.  Don't give me bus about doing business via internet or phone its the convention and you should represent your zone or resign.	

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