<VV> Fuel Odor

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sun Jul 28 16:09:47 EDT 2013

Smitty Says, It takes such a small amount of gas to create a nasty smell
that sometimes it is very hard to spot.  Give everything in the engine
compartment the ole CSI flashlight treatment.  Also wipe your finger under
all fittings and look for any trace of wet.  One that is especially hard to
spot is inside the carb when a float valve doesn't close tight.  Fuel will
rise up in the bowl and (with no trace on the outside) get past the gasket
and run down into the carb.  There it will do the fast evaporation thing and
the smell will come out of joints in the intake plumbing, or even come
backwards through the aircleaner.  I have given this advise so many times I
feel like a broken record.  (Some of you will remember them).  Take the air
cleaners off.  Get a flashlight and put your glasses on.  Start the car.
Look down the carb throats.  Do you see any dribbles, drips, or other
moisture on the throttle plate.  If so, you have a float valve related
problem.  Gasket leak under valve seat , sinking float, float setting too
high.  Shut the engine off and look again.  Any moisture on the throttle
plate?  If so that may well be your problem.
I only relate this because it is such a sneaky odor maker.  There are lots
of other places for leaks.

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