<VV> How about the cooling fans from these engines?

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> Again, an assumption with no basis. The main reason I posted these is they are, without a doubt, a LOT more efficient than the Corvair blower simply because these engines are meant to deliver their rated output continuously. And that number is WAY higher than the continuous rating of a Corvair engine! And why stick with the vertical fan axis? This one can be driven without the twisted belt.
> John Roberts
Just because they are intended to run continuously does not guarantee 
they are more efficient.
We presume they are because any inefficiency would cost fuel efficiency.

It looks like their biggest air cooled unit is for a 6 cyl rated at 199 
hp 'highly intermittent operation'.
without knowing the fan curve, it is hard to know what flow rate and 
pressure they will put out.

Since a Diesel has better thermal efficiency than a Otto cycle (gas) 
engine, these will probably dissipate less heat through the cooling 
system than a corvair (less heat per HP generated) - which means that 
cooling a 200 hp diesel might be equivalent to cooling a 160 hp Corvair? 
(numbers are strictly a WAG)

  It is, of course, possible that the fan will put out the pressure and 
volume a Corvair under pressure requires. (we don't know the cooling fin 
arrangement in the Diesel, and don't know what pressure is needed to 
flow enough cooling air through it.)

Note the RPM of the fan as driven in the Diesel is irrelevant, except 
for guidance in sizing a pulley system in some other application.

But if the stock cooling system is so good, why do I keep hearing of 
deep seats and dropped seats and...


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