<VV> Deutz Cooling fans?

BBRT chsadek at comcast.net
Tue Jul 30 12:03:43 EDT 2013

Well, rather than just type, and suggest someone else do it, I have arranged 
to visit a Deutz diesel dealer in Richmond VA.  Different sizes, no impellor 
map available. Prices, for an D914L6 impellor are around $350 ea. Different 
sizes, around what we can use, of 10 plus to 11 plus inches diameter at best 
guess from fellow I talked with.
So, I will go down and take some pictures, look, touch and measure. I'll 
report back.
BTW, for our application, add to the impellor price, the bearing adpator and 
any shrouding required... Appears we are looking at at least $5-600. 
Probably a lot more. Has anyone priced aluminum stock material?
One other thing, if one looks at hp and torque engine graphs for their 
air-cooled diesels, note the peak power is at 1500 rpm or so.  The impellor 
may not be efficient enough, even greatly under-driven, for a high rpm race 
engine. mpellor power required is not easily available unless we can get 
someone to call their engineering department in Germany and ask if they will 
give us an impellor map and data.

Ulli? (Probably travelling after the convention).

Chuck S
Frederickburg, VA 

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