<VV> More fan Crap.

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This comment is worth saving!

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> Smitty Says;  Seth expressed the needs and alternatives tried by racers 
> very
> well.  Bob Helt describes the flow from a GM fan that puts the most 
> pressure
> on the perimeter of the turkey roaster where it can do the most good on 
> the
> heads.  (Nobody wants to read that though because they are so stuck on 
> their
> own brain fart concept)  Some newbie comes along and wants to know why we
> don't consider electric fans for our Vairs.  Somebody else comes along and
> finds a picture of a fan he thinks might br just the ticket.  Of course he
> wouldn't put himself out to see if the fan is feasible for us.  The newbie
> isn't going to get off his dead butt and check the archives for the pages
> and pages of info on real attempts at using electric fans.  So we go round
> and round every few months with the self appointed VV
> engineers that tried a stock fan once and didn't like it.  They go on and
> on with paragraphs of high falutin information on flows and pressures 
> while
> they keep driving with the GM supplied fan. (and bitchin about it).  Only
> one person I know of has built the better mousetrap.  He has built a 
> couple
> of working models and they have proven effective on the track.  He is
> limited by production methods but at least he got off his butt and did
> something with his own two hands, rather than his mouth.
> I know how well this will be received, but I would like to suggest, the 
> next
> time somebody wants to talk about improvements over the GM fan, they bring
> along with a working concept , with pictures so we can enjoy the benefits
> without the BS.          Curmudgeon of the BBRT appointed by the Boss
> hisself.
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