<VV> LM Corvair on Mythbusters

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Thu Jun 20 12:27:36 EDT 2013

> Anyway, for those of you who are not familiar with the show,  it is on The
> Discovery Channel.  The five primary contributors on the show  select myths,
> urban legends, internet videos, etc. and try to prove or disprove  them.
My daughters love this show so I end up watching Mythbusters more than I 
normally would.  One of my favorite episodes was when they created a 
lead balloon and got it to float.  The balloon was made using a very 
thin sheet of lead and was the size of the airplane hangar in which it 
was constructed.  Another good one was when they proved/disproved the 
various myths about how to distract a guard dog so you can steal 
something (e.g., plate of meat, wolf urine, etc.).

If they were shown on an episode driving a Corvair, I would think 
there's a good chance that at least one of them has a soft spot for the 
marque.  I will definitely be writing to suggest that they recreate the 
1973 NHTSA study using a 1960-63 Falcon, Valiant and Corvair, a 1964 
Corvair, and the LM year of their choice.  Perhaps they can even execute 
some of the more ridiculous stunts shown in drawings in "that friggin' 


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