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Some more stock battery info here on my site:


As to Harry's comment below about Group 24 batteries, the battery itself will fit in the tray and bolt down but the stock non-HD cables won't reach. Corvairs, when equipped with the factory HD battery option, had longer cables installed. A Group 24R is a good choice because it can use stock-length cables but has more "oomph" because it's a larger battery.

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A group  24 won't fit a late model.
A group 24R will.
The 24 has the posts at the  wrong ends.

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•Lates ◦Stock  is 22F
◦HD is 24
◦Replacement stock is 26R
◦24F fits better in cars  originally equipped with a 22F
◦Note: Be sure the battery has the notch for  the hold down clamp. The 
Delco 'drop in' for a late Corvair is part #19002100.  It is also called a 
24R-6YR. Thanks to Erik Nielson for this tip. 

Hope  this  helps.


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