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Gary Berry duallycc at gmail.com
Sat May 18 10:16:58 EDT 2013

Hey All;

   I have a chance of driving FULSGLD (ManxVair dunebuggy) across the US
this October with a bunch of other buggy folks. FULSGLD has a FC powerglide
in it with a stock 110hp engine (although I have 140hp sitting in the
wings). Not sure of the diff ratio. My question has to do with towing. I
would like to take my brother and tow his buggy behind FULSGLD and am
wondering what other's thinking might be on this with regards to the
Corvair's ability to do this (assuming the drivetrain is in good
condition)? Both buggies weigh about the same (but we will be in the seats
which will add about 600lbs), but not sure exactly what that weight is
(1500lbs maybe?). Will be traveling 500 miles a day for 5 days with an
average speed of 62mph according to the organizers. Thanks for any tips or

Gary Berry
69 ManxVair
Prosser, WA

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