<VV> Some parts for sale 1960-1961 +

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Sun Nov 3 18:06:21 EST 2013

I have two pairs of NOS factory accessory rear armrests for the  1960-61 
4-door. GM Accessory P/N 988344. One set is in the original GM box, the  other 
is not. Both sets are green. They are brand new and ready to mount in your  
caveman 4-door. I want $25 a set plus shipping.
Second item. A pair of NOS  Monza 900 fender emblems/plates. These fit 
1960-61 Monza P/N 3782982. Brand New  and perfect in the original GM boxes. $55 
for the pair + shipping. I also have a  pair of new Stant P/N G-91 locking 
gas caps for early models, in the boxes with  two keys each. $10 a piece + 
shipping. I also ended up with a factory back-up  light kit for a 1965 Corvair 
3-speed. Early 65 500 models were supplied without  back-up lights. This 
kit includes the wiring, the sockets and the switch. And  the instructions. I 
can supply photos of any of the items if you  ask.

Seth Emerson

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