<VV> Thinking of selling my 1962 Spyder convertible

Barry Elkin barry at fredericktown.com
Wed Nov 6 08:21:50 EST 2013

I am thinking of selling my 1962 Spyder Convertible that I bought a couple
of years ago with the plan to convert it to an EV. I since decided that it
is too rare and desirable for that purpose.
It has virtually no body rust. The floors have a few holes that I was going
to fiberglass . I have started disassembling it. I have removed the door
glass and 1/4 panel glass, most of the bright work/chrome, the interior,
drive train, everything in the tunnel and many other items. It has 5 new
tires and 5 newly power coated wheels. The body is in GREAT shape. The top
is shot but operates. I have a spare turbo engine. It needs a new interior,
seats, top and all the other small items that one replaces to restore a
Corvair to like new condition. I have a few new parts. The engine ran before
I started taking the car apart.
I helped a neighbor upgrade a Ford Ranger EV to Lithium and am looking for
an electric Rav 4 for myself.
If anyone is interested please email me for more info. I would like
$3500.00. Pictures are here:

Littleton, NC

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