<VV> 1963 Turbo Engine Backfiring through the carb.

Carl Wager carl at pcxcomputers.com
Fri Nov 8 19:16:27 EST 2013

I have a 63 turbo engine with about 12K on it since a complete rebuild.  It
was stored 2 years ago.  It has been spun 4 times to keep it loose.  I just
installed it in a 64 Spyder that I am rebuilding.  I replaced all ignition
including wires.  I had the carb rebuilt by Wolf.  The fuel is fresh.  I put
a fuel regulator in the line.  I am running at 3 lbs.  I put a new filter
and return line from Clarks. The engine cranks and runs well with no
smoking.  When you rev the engine up, it backfires through the carb.  I have
posted a video on youtube (http://youtu.be/NQuk3JCX_S8 ) so you may listen
and see the engine running.  Any ideas on things to try would be greatly
appreciated.  The compression on all cylinders is good.  It ranges from 128
to 139. I have ranged the timing from 16 to 24 degrees with no change.  With
a timing light on it, it does not advance when it accelerates so that part
is working correctly.  Should it retard?  I did try another carb, but the
results were the same.  Again, I up for any ideas.   Thanks    Carl  1965
Corsa   1966 Monza   1964  Spyder  1988 Fiero  

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