<VV> Dealer installed AC

Harry Yarnell (Verizon) harryyarnell at verizon.net
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As others have said, the factory cut the holes with a torch; very crude
holes resulted, but then they were probably cut 'body in white'. I doubt the
dealer would resort to the torch without setting the interior on fire. HOW
they did it, I don't know; whether they used Greenlee punches, or saber
saws, or hole saws, someone probably knows...

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Dealer installed A/C using a factory kit should be the same as the factory
installed with the exception of the tag having the stamping. Some factory
installers were very neat in their hole cutting, some were not. Some dealer
installers were very neat in their hole cutting, most were (probably) not.
As far as not having the center vent, that was a car owner that did not want
to modify his car in a way that it would be overly obvious. At least that
was what someone told me at a convention that had A/C on his car but did not
have the center vent. Maybe even the same car as Ned saw.
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