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Steve Hammatt, Mount Vernon WA USA gsteve at hammatt.com
Mon Nov 11 16:52:27 EST 2013

It appears that Dan Whitefield lives near Tacoma 
in the town of Gig Harbor, WA.  Maybe Dan can come 
to the Corvairs NW meeting Wed evening held next week, 
November 20th.  Plan to arrive at the Sizzler Restaurant 
at Southcenter (I-5 and I-405) at 6:00pm.  There will be 
an interesting presentation by my friend, Peter Hammar.  
Peter owns a ‘vair but more importantly he has a small 
business called “DecalmanGM” and he’ll be discussing 
all the decals and other Corvair and GM signs, decals 
and labels he has to offer.

See you there! 
Steve Hammatt
Mount Vernon WA USA

16615 Southcenter Pkwy, Tukwila, WA ‎ 
(206) 575-0427

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> Hello All,
> I am a new, first time Corvair owner and I live in Washington State.  I
> am looking for an engine rebuilder and am having trouble finding anybody
> that knows about the Corviar flat 6 motors.  It is scary when they ask
> me if it is a v6 or a straight 4!!  The motor will need to be rebuilt as
> the previous owner has it half torn apart.  Any advise would be great!!
> Dan

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