<VV> Rampside, have to sell.

Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Thu Nov 14 13:55:00 EST 2013

Photos came up fine for me.
Maybe you need to have a (free) Google account?

It really stinks that the drivetrain was stolen. Good luck with selling 
the truck.
That could be a really handy unit, even aside from being a Corvair.

On 11/13/2013 8:00 AM, Harry Smith wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I am forced to sell my Rampside. Besides the powertrain getting stolen I
> just lost my storage for it. It is a 1963 former Bell System Truck from
> Texas. Very little rust, which is wht I bought it. I do not believe it has
> been on the road since 1968. I have the 1968 Texas license plate and the
> registration for that plate to Bellsouth. I have a lot of parts for it. I
> need to get them all together to make a list and take some pictures. Carbs
> from Grant, KYB shocks, high performance carbon brake shoes and much more.
> I have some pictures of the truck here:
> https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos?tab=mq#photos/103483280648956762530/albums/5519332365468136289
> I think you have to be on some Google software to see them, if not let me
> know. I will post more in the future.
> Harry Smith

Jay Maechtlen SoCal '61 2-dr modified w/fiberglass skin, transverse 3.8 
Buick V6 TH440T4 trans

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