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Or do a serpentine belt, and drive from the back side. 

John Roberts

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If it is just for looks, take the insides out of it and just pull the air  
fuel mixture through. otherwise, be sure to check rotation of the  blower 
vs. the engine. If the blower source is a GM V6 application, it  turns 
opposite the regular Corvair engine rotation. That would  suck! 
If you have reversed the Corvair engines rotation, Nevermind!!  -  Seth 
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I want  to put an M90 GM supercharger on a Corvair engine. I was told  I  
should probably start with a turbo block, and crank. Should I use a   
year?  It's for a motorcycle that will not be raced.  The  blower is mostly 
for looks.  


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