<VV> type 53 battery for earlies

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Nov 30 19:59:58 EST 2013

...went to on of them thar battery-world joints today.  You know the 
ones, got a hundred cellphone batteries hanging on the walls and 
batches of batteries for digital cameras and pagers and all that 
techno stuff people cannot seem to live without anymore.

First question was why so many different cellphone batteries.

Second question was why a store like that carried big hulking deep 
cycle batteries the size of a night stand for forklifts and golf carts.

The second question answered itself... "Well, it IS a battery 
store".  Then I got curious and asked about manufacturers and 
such.   That led to asking about type 53 batteries and if there were 
any manufacturers still left anywhere.  The guy showed me a product 
brochure on his computer and said Deka makes type 53 batteries 
(listed as a type 353) and also makes the same battery for Duracell 
(the brand of lead-acid batteries he sold) and they had high tech 
ratings with old school design.  The battery is black with individual 
screw-top caps and is identified by a peel-off-able sticker on the side.

Price is 119.95 which in this day and age isn't much more than a 
decent grade type 51 at Walmart, currently hovering around 100 bucks.

Just sayin'.


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