<VV> type 53 battery for earlies

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And if ya got a peeloff Delco sticker around, just think how it might look 
"right" on that screw top!
Later, JR
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> ...went to on of them thar battery-world joints today.  You know the
> ones, got a hundred cellphone batteries hanging on the walls and
> batches of batteries for digital cameras and pagers and all that
> techno stuff people cannot seem to live without anymore.
.  Then I got curious and asked about manufacturers and
> such.   That led to asking about type 53 batteries and if there were
> any manufacturers still left anywhere.  The guy showed me a product
> brochure on his computer and said Deka makes type 53 batteries
> (listed as a type 353) and also makes the same battery for Duracell
> (the brand of lead-acid batteries he sold) and they had high tech
> ratings with old school design.  The battery is black with individual
> screw-top caps and is identified by a peel-off-able sticker on the side.
> Price is 119.95 which in this day and age isn't much more than a
> decent grade type 51 at Walmart, currently hovering around 100 bucks.
> Just sayin'.
> tony..

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