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Mon Oct 7 14:57:49 EDT 2013

Brian - Half flange main bearings were used on a lot of Corvairs from 
the factory. Superficial logic says that manual transmission cars and 
performance cars should always have full flange bearings. But we've torn 
down A LOT of Corvair motors the past 40 years and I cannot think of a 
single one that had half flange bearings that showed any unusual or 
excessive flange wear. This was regardless of the type of transmission used.

The half flange main bearing was part of the "fix" GM used in 
conjunction with the .0005 #4 main bearing change.  The odd #4 bearing 
change stayed through to the end of production but no one seems to know 
the exact extent of the use of 1/2 flange #1 position bearings.

They are not at all unusual and we used to sell a lot of them. If I had 
a set right now I would not hesitate to use them.

Lon Wall

On 10/6/2013 3:28 PM, Brian wrote:
> I'm disassembling a 65 140 engine for a new club member.  He recently 
> bought this CORSA convertible but it ran very poorly. Inspection 
> showed a dropped valve seat on #5. That was only the beginning of the 
> issues.  The flywheel retaining ring was missing.  The pilot bushing 
> was so worn, I thought it wasn't there.  Tons of blue and red silicone 
> on every conceivable bolt. The real surprise came when I spilt the 
> case.  In addition to a toasted cam, I found that only one half of the 
> case had the correct flanged bearing.  The other half had a regular 
> main bearing shell.  I can't identify the bearing.  No size markings, 
> i.e. 'STD, .010, etc. Also can't identity the manufacturer.  The 
> bearing are stamped "DAZ".
> Am I missing something here?  Has anyone ever seen this before?
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