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The amazing thing was that it was still running. Arn't Vairs great ?
Al Wicht

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I'm disassembling a 65 140 engine for a new club member.  He recently bought this CORSA convertible but it ran very poorly.  Inspection showed a dropped valve seat on #5. That was only the beginning of the issues.  The flywheel retaining ring was missing.  The pilot bushing was so worn, I thought it wasn't there.  Tons of blue and red silicone on every conceivable bolt. The real surprise came when I spilt the case.  In addition to a toasted cam, I found that only one half of the case had the correct flanged bearing.  The other half had a regular main bearing shell.  I can't identify the bearing.  No size markings, i.e. 'STD, .010, etc. Also can't identity the manufacturer.  The bearing are stamped "DAZ".
Am I missing something here?  Has anyone ever seen this before? ____________________________________________________________Do THIS before eating carbs (every time)
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