<VV> stolen drivetrain

Brian Nicholson sedonawide11 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 15:50:58 EDT 2013

I haven't had much time with the vv crew, but I can't say how many times
I've been helped by vair owners at an auto cross, show, or on the road over
the years. With or without my vair.
Every time I've been asked why when ill lend a hand, part, or what little
knowledge I have, I answer i'm just scratching the surface of paying back
those that have helped me out previously.
Thanks dad for passing on an excellent hobby with great people. He was
right when he told me most people who look forward enough to see how
awesome the corvair is, will usually look forward enough to see the
relationships the car helps build can be even more special. Good luck
Harry, and kudos to whoever offered you all the assistance in your time of
corvair despair!
Brian Nicholson
2nd generation CORSA member
Former club officer of PCCA in central IL

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> Thanks for all the suggestions, ideas, sympathy and offers. You guys are
> the best. You have convinced me not to give up on the dream, I will keep
> the truck. I have had several very generous offers from members and I will
> be taking one of them. I knew this was a great group of people but I never
> expected this.
> Thanks Again, Harry Smith

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