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Thu Oct 24 09:12:38 EDT 2013

Don't you really think that anything worth saving would have been already?   Corvair Ranch is about an hour away from these cars. If you are so hard up to save every Corvair, please start with the 400 there and then call us when you are done. 
 These cars were junk people. Let it go.


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On Oct 24, 2013, at 8:31 AM, Ernie Sanders <epssax at yahoo.com> wrote:

> What an attitude this a@@hole displays.  I don&#x27;t like his attitude.  I hope you read this John.  I don&#x27;t like your politics(what are they, anyway).  Point is, these cars are crushed and China is most probably getting the steel to sell back to us in sweat shop junk or raw steel.  
> If the public would have known, maybe, just maybe, several of those cars would have gotten back on the road.  I loved the 1965 Corsa convertible my friend and club member, the late Ernie Threlkeld, pulled from a field.   The car had a tree growing through the floorboard.  Ernie rebuilt that car and drove it for years.  It now belongs to another club member and looks pretty good, still today.  
> John, it&#x27;s attitudes like yours that make our hobby not as nice.  Have a good day.
> Ernie in Fisherville, Kentucky
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