<VV> Air Compressors (my ramblin's)

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Fri Oct 25 07:27:12 EDT 2013

I have the 7HP vertical tank unit from NAPA. They matched the price of the  
Harbor freight unit. It is now @6 years old , has tons of hours on it. I  
installed a 1/4 turn gate valve on the bottom , tucked it in the corner of 
the  house garage. It is plumbed the length of the cellar with 3 drops , for 
use in  the wood shop and the electronics bench. It has 3 low spot gate 
valves to drain  moisture. It then goes underground to the shop in 1 inch copper 
inside 1 1/4  pool plastic . The shop air is mostly plumbed in the walls 
with all 3/4  copper , with a shut off and large gauge where it enters the 
building. It  has a 100 gallon tank with drain valve in the corner. So far this 
works great ,  no noise in shop or house , decent air supply for sandblast 
cabinet , and I use  air powered die grinders with wire wheels a lot , along 
with many other air  tools. The compressor started using oil on me a couple 
years ago , so I added a  small amount of lubrimoly to it , and now it is 
stable. I keep a close eye on  it. I only run it at @100+ _  lbs , which is 
more than most tools are rated  at. I have one drop with Devilbus filter, 
drier,regulator,  for paint gun  work. I dream of better unit someday , but this 
works for me so far.   Whatever you buy , keep a close eye on oil etc, and 
drain moisture often. I put  about 3-4 hours a day on it (estimated) most 
days .  I feel very lucky to  have this setup.  Only Corvairs and ham radio 
live there.
Regards, Tim Colson

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