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hank kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Sun Apr 6 11:26:01 EDT 2014

I wouldn't say that a CORSA App isn't a good idea.

But not everyone lives where they have the cell reception that you do.  If 
you go up in the mountains of NC, just about everyone has an old fashioned 
flip phone. More telephone, less apps and games and all the other junk.
And there are those that aren't interested in the technology.  In your field 
as well as other professions, you need a smart phone. I don't.

Since I'm still the guy who grew up with a party line and the phone hooked 
to the wall with a long cord, I'm not interested in all the technology a 
smart phone offers.  I just want to use it as a telephone.  As a result, my 
flip phone cost less than 80 dollars, and my bill is 45.00/mo---And I get 
reception on the road when my buddy with the smart phone can't.  Telephone 
is 15% of his smart phone, telephone is 85 percent of mine.

I don't have an updated roster as I haven't been a member since 2011, but I 
still have an older one in my glovebox.   People have seen it at cruise ins, 
and shows how CORSA can really help someone who is interested in buying a 
Corvair.  It does very well answer the question---what If I bought one and 
it broke down in the middle of no place?


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Glovebox? Laptop?  Aren't those relics of the previous century?

Everybody uses smart phones or tablets and GPS units now and they fit just 
fine in our pockets.

It's past time CORSA joined the 21st century and had a CORSA ap.

Bill Hubbell


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