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OK, my error, I thought that I had just missed a few.  Have the 2009 one. 
Actually - more than one so that I don't get into a Corvair that does not 
have one where my gloves should be.
Later, JR

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> The directories don't get reprinted every year due to the cost involved.
> We did one last year and the previous one was printed in 2009.
> Karl in Boston
> CORSA Eastern director
> Bay State Corvairs
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> Corvanatics
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> On 4/7/2014 2:25 PM, shortle wrote:
>> I picked up my most recent one at the Kalamazoo Convention. If there is a 
>> newer one at Tacoma I will certainly get it there as well. Of course 
>> nowhere does it say I have to get rid of the ones I have collected over 
>> the years. Maybe not current but still can be very useful.And they don't 
>> take up much room in my glove compartment.
>> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301
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>>> I'm pretty sure that they put out a new one each year - around 
>>> convention
>>> time.  Most recent is 2013 SFAIK.  We've not yet had the 2014 
>>> convention.
>>> Later, JR

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