<VV> Rampside restoration (photos!) and a parts request

Kent Sullivan kentsu at corvairkid.com
Wed Apr 9 10:49:29 EDT 2014

Hi all,

My '64 Rampside is coming along nicely:

CorvairKid's '64 Rampside <http://www.corvairkid.com/4R124S111819.htm> 

The first few photos are from when I first bought the truck in 1999. Scroll
a little to see the restoration shots.

My one-piece black rubber floor mat is in sad shape. I am looking for a
better one. I don't expect to find one in wonderful condition, but I would
love to hear from anyone who has something they think is at least "decent".
"Decent" to me means there are no chunks missing. A tear here or there is




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