<VV> Help with a sound

Bob Gilbert 1 bgilbert at gilberts-bc.ca
Tue Apr 15 12:39:24 EDT 2014

Now that's one I had not thought of! Thanks!

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Wonder if a head stud turned in a little during install and now with the
motor loosening up just a little with break-in... it's making contact.


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> Hi,
> I have a freshly rebuilt 3.1 with 4 carbs in my UltraVan. The heads 
> were done by Ray Sedman and he also provided most of the bits and 
> pieces. So it's good quality work and bits and pieces!
> I have about 500 miles on the engine and out of the blue it developed 
> a rattling, metallic sound reminiscent of a sticky lifter but with a 
> harsher metallic "rap", more like pieces of metal hitting each other.
> I have adjusted the lifters, both hot and cold and the sound persists. 
> I've tried to isolate it and it appears to be coming from cylinder 2 
> but I'm not absolutely certain
> I thought maybe a valve problem(lifter, seat, etc.)  but I have a 
> uniform
> 185 pounds compression on all cylinders and the its starts and runs 
> well, except for this sound. Its loud enough that I really don't want 
> to do any camping trips in case I make a bad situation worse and/or get
> I seriously injured my back last year so I really don't want to pull 
> the engine out except as an absolute last resort.
> So I'm looking for suggestions on:
> a) isolating the sound, which might in turn lead to a solution. I have 
> tried the broom stick to the ear but that didn't work (probably 
> because I'm partly
> deaf!)
> b) My gut still says it's a lifter problem but I need  advice on 
> troubleshooting to specifically indicate a bad lifter or otherwise 
> rule out a bad lifter.
> c) any other ideas or suggestions
> Thanks,
> Bob Gilbert
> UV 404
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