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I participated in a conversation that was disturbingly close to Seth's 
story.  We were going to a lake for the week end.  It was about 30 miles to 
the lake but the county seat (the only place you could get plates) was at 
the head end of the lake and only a mile or two from where we were.  We went 
on Friday afternoon while the offices were still open.  As I recall, I 
needed to go to the county for something so Dad sent a renewal, transfer, 
whatever it was for me to take care of while I was there.

I got to the head of the line and the clerk immediately noticed dad's 
signature was missing.  She said go out in the hall and have him sign it and 
bring it back.  I replied that he was down at the lake and I could run down 
and have him sign it and be back shortly.  She repeated to go out in the 
hall and have him sign it.  I repeated . . .  Finally I went out in hall and 
had him sign it.  I think we were both saying the same thing without 
realizing it.

Jim Becker

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Okay - A hearsay DMV story. Told to me by "a friend."

This guy shows up at the DMV to re-register his boat to head out for  the
weekend. Being from California, the title has been made out to Mr. and Mrs.
He signs it and gives the paperwork to the clerk. (This is back when there
were  lines at each counter, now they use a take-a-number system.) The clerk
tells him  that he needs his wife's signature also. He tells the clerk his
wife had already  gone on ahead to the cabin and he was bringing up the 
The clerk says he  should take the DMV form out to the car and get her
signature. (hint-hint)  He tells the clerk "She isn't here, she is at the 
How can I possibly  get her signature." The clerk tries once more: "I'm
sure you can go out to the  car and come back with her signature." The 
is still unaware, and is  starting to go ballistic, when my friend - next in
line - takes him aside and  quietly explains the "situation" to him. Go sign
her name and bring it back!  The light bulb goes off, he returns a minute
later - looking about 6 inches  shorter than when he left, quietly concludes
the paperwork and slinks out the  door.

True Story? Who cares, but it's a good one!

- Seth Emerson

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I then  turned to the person in line behind me and asked her if she'd be
willing to  sign a dead man's name on the back of the pink slip. After being
assured by  the counter person that she wouldn't get into trouble,  she

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