<VV> Come to California for good water?

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Thu Jun 12 16:25:14 EDT 2014

Hi there fellow Californian 

Where is it that you live that you have good water?

Back east I could drink tap water, but not here in SoCal, Hemet in the
Riverside area!

Water tastes like chalk and even the local filtered bottled water still has
a bit of the taste.

I was once asked by the "Water Quality" people, and I had to say I don't
even like washing dishes or my car with their water, since it leaves VERY
HARD mineral deposits if not dried off quickly enough!

In lala-land, like you say, it's only the weather that keeps me from
running, screaming away from the land of quakes and flakes.

As a HS and college teacher, I've experienced what California has to offer,
and understand the stories of incompetent government employees just
"checking off boxes" without regard to the truthfulness of what they

I once tried to "honestly" cash a 10 year old check for $800 at a bank where
they gave me a big runaround of legal procedures, to which I smiled and
agreed to follow all of those innumerable steps.

I then walked over to the ATM and deposited it, and it cleared the next day,
over 4 years ago now.

Sometimes, you can depend on their incompetence, but just don't point it out

A good example, and a true story, was my "New York City (Corvair) Parking
Ticket" that I delivered at a Toastmasters contest:

sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride!


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Love the yarns about real or imagined title problems, but skeptical of most.
Don't like to correct my guru Seth, but there is no "Mr.  and Mrs." on
California titles. Full names are required for "and" or "and/or". The latter
avoids executor issue.
Titles can also be transferred to family members as "gift" with no tax and
only $15.00 fee.
Auto Club can perform most routine transfers. 
Renewals and appointments for DMV visits can be made online, such as my
mandatory testing for driver license renewal (age).
And in California we are not treated as criminals when stating selling
price. I have never been questioned about value of classic or contemporary
car, and I do many transfers.
One technical issue encountered was relicensing a Greenbrier parked for 14
years that required an inspection. The rear seats were missing, which placed
it in van category requiring commercial (expensive) plates. I had to borrow
two benches and return to qualify as passenger car.
The inspector warned me that if stopped by CHP without the seats I could be
cited. In 15 years with only front buckets haven't been stopped, so cant
So come to California and pay a little for magnificent scenery, clean air
and good water.  Our bridges aren't closed by spiteful politicians and
hurricanes, only infrequently by earthquakes if not retrofitted.
I've got my money's worth for 82 years in lala land and welcome y'all.
Five Corvairs and two car garage

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