<VV> Space saver (Safety)

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Oct 6 11:40:01 EDT 2014

I can't find it, but Car and Driver, well over 20 years ago, did skid pad 
tests with a couple of cars with 4 space saver donuts each. They were 
surprised how well they did, but then again, they were expecting (as was I) 
to have a really poor handling car. The handling was fine, the dry grip was 
not impressive!!
John Roberts
Smitty says:   I also remember that story and the one where the group took a 
car cross country to see what kind of failures might occur.  Then there was 
the team trying for a land speed record for a certain class with an MG ran 
four of them on their car because the tread was thin and light weight, 
(inertially),  and they would run cool because of minimal sidewall flex. 
New record at over 200 mph.  I wouldn't try any of this with an inflatable 
I think the safety limitations embossed on the tires is for the non car 
types so they will be more careful with it on.  We car enthusiasts 
understand enough about loading and tire patch adhesion to be about half 
smart without the warning.

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