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On certain models, wait until your brake lights don't work and you find your 
dome light shorted out .... at least that is how I remember it from a long 
time ago. Yes, it was a Corvair.

Chuck S

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From: "Charlie via VirtualVairs" Subject: <VV> Update regarding brake lights 
and directional signals

> Hmmm...
> My brake and tail lights were out.
> I ruled out the fuse, since the directional signals worked.
> I was wrong.
> I just fixed the blown fuse for the rear lights anyway, after being
> con-fused by the fact that the directional signals worked with the rear
> light fuse blown!
> I don't know if that fact helps, or just adds to the confusion, but I had 
> to
> add my nickel's worth (due to inflation.)
> Charlie

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