<VV> Rampside Timing Without Timing Mark

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Yes, while driving, road noise, wind and distance between ear  and engine 
disguises the pinging, especially in an FC as Seth said.  A way  to solve 
this issue is to have someone ride in the back near the engine to  listen.  
This may be illegal in some states where all passengers are  required to be 
strapped in with seat belts.  However, if stopped by the  police, I doubt they 
will ticket you if you explain what you are  doing.
Another issue is that if you time the engine while the FC is  unloaded, the 
engine could be knocking/pinging itself to death the first time  you drive 
it with a significant load in the bed.  This also goes for  engines that 
have been timed with a timing mark.  Adjust the timing a  little more than you 
would normally think, just in case.  If you NEVER use  your FC as a truck, 
this is less of an issue.  Keep in mind that this could  be an issue with a 
car too.  Four or five humans inside with their  additional junk in the trunk 
(both literally and figuratively) can increase the  load enough to induce 
pinging.  Of course, it is easier to hear the  knocking in a car.  That is, 
unless your passengers include screaming  kids.  (...or a screaming wife.)
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I wrote:
So, to set the timing, advance the  timing until it pings,  then back it 
off until it stops!  


_stingerken at earthlink.net_  (mailto:stingerken at earthlink.net)  wrote  back: 
    The engine or the  pinging?

Actually a good question. The  problem with carrying out my advice  with a 
Rampside, is you won't hear  much from the motor with all that space in  
between. The motor could be  crying out in terror, and you might never know up 
front! Be  careful!

- Seth

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