<VV> Rampside Timing Without Timing Mark

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Mon Feb 2 13:49:43 EST 2015

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> Another issue is that if you time the engine while the FC is  unloaded, the
> engine could be knocking/pinging itself to death the first time  you drive
> it with a significant load in the bed.  This also goes for  engines that
> have been timed with a timing mark.  Adjust the timing a  little more than you
> would normally think, just in case.  If you NEVER use  your FC as a truck,
> this is less of an issue.  Keep in mind that this could  be an issue with a
> car too.  Four or five humans inside with their  additional junk in the trunk
> (both literally and figuratively) can increase the  load enough to induce
> pinging.  Of course, it is easier to hear the  knocking in a car.  That is,
> unless your passengers include screaming  kids.  (...or a screaming wife.)
> Doc
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So - use a baby monitor or the equivalent to hear what things sound like?
I wonder if any modern knock sensors would be suitable for the job?

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