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Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
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I have a Lincoln 110V mig.  I've put a few rolls of flux core wire through
it and it works great.  I have the gas adapter but never got around to
buying a bottle.


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I've personally used both the Hobart Handler 140 (~$500), and the Lincoln
Electric MIG 140 ($500+). Both are quite capable, but at the top of your
price range. No experience with the Miller, but if I'm not mistaken, Smitty
uses a Miller.

Speaking from experience, you want to stay with a recognized name brand. I
bought a Daytona MIG at Carlisle years ago, and when I needed parts, Daytona
MIG was no longer around. I cobbled some stuff together to extend the life
of the welder, but I'm looking for a replacement now. If I could only find a
Miller Multimatic 200 to try out.

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> Hi folks,
> I think it's time to get a MIG welder better than the really crappy 
> one I picked up 20 years ago.  Still need to obxerve the budget, has 
> anyone used the $300 job from Eastwood?  I could go $500 but really not
any higher.
> Not going to weld on a quarter panel, more like for palm sized patches 
> and a late model lower windshield panel.
> --Bryan
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