<VV> Caveat : Amazon may not have the correct starter drive?

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Tue Jan 6 12:35:04 EST 2015

Hey Charlie,
We're giving you a hard time, as most of us, long ago, had the same thing 
happen... Time and time again, local FLAPS  would order a part for next day 
or so, and it would be wrong. Once it was a simple thing like a ball joint, 
while at Roebling Roads near Savannah. Not my order..We over came with some 
crafty junkyard pilfering... and return after use... :>)

Chuck S
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> To Vaitec and BBRT: (Since BBRT's "Bravo" to Vairtec, wants to jump on me
> too ~ thanks for that!?!?!?)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Yup, that's what I figured too ~ 2 out of 3 ain't bad, right?
> As long as it's cheap and fast, who cares if it fits!
> After all, I knew it would be the wrong part, but ordered it knowing that 
> it
> wouldn't fit!
> So  I sent the "caveat" out, so that others who want to buy the wrong part
> would buy the same wrong part solely because it's cheap and fast, since
> that's what's important, right?
> <ggg, right?>
> Charlie
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> Gee, all these benefits:   Lower price, fast shipping, weekend ordering.
> If low price, fast shipping, and weekend ordering is more important to you
> that getting the right part, then by all means continue to order from
> Amazon.
> Sheesh.
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