<VV> Caveat revisited : Amazon refunded purchase + free shipping on next order

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Jan 7 22:35:59 EST 2015

Yes, the brushes, commutator end cover and bushings seem to be the same 
as most GM cars of the era. The drive, armature and the nose are the 
Corvair specific parts.

Frank DuVal

On 1/7/2015 4:39 PM, Charlie via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Amazon refunded purchase + free shipping on next order, so all's well.
> I should have removed the drive from the car (disabling it until I got the
> part) to visually verify the part, but that was not feasible, except in the
> 20-20 hindsight that is also much clearer!
> It was immediately evident that the part was to short, otherwise the rest of
> the "starter repair kit" does work (brushes, etc) ...
> Charlie

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