<VV> $39K Monza Convertible Options

hallgrenn at aol.com hallgrenn at aol.com
Tue Jan 13 15:14:18 EST 2015

Apparently no "comfort and convenience group" option.  I'll bet the top is a manual one.

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The car has a radio & Heater. Other than that, I see no other options.  It 
looks like a 95HP 3-speed. The drivers outside mirror could have (Should  
have) been added. The inside mirror is not a two-way, and it has one-speed  
wipers. Hub caps are Monza std, I recall. If they can get $39K  for that,  
more power to them. It seems like a lot of money for a stripper convertible,  
especially with a non-synchro 1st gear. The low mileage is worth something, 
but  I have seen low-mileage C6 Convertible Corvettes for about that same 
money.  I am obviously not in that market. 


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